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ZanZa Natural Cosmetics were inspired by the Indian Ocean archipelago, among them the enchanting natural wonders of Zanzibar were transformed into our products.

Every soap, body butter, massage oil, body scrub in our store invites you on an imaginary journey to the beautiful spice island, making skin care a sensual exploration. Our soaps and natural cosmetics families contain only natural ingredients, so after only a few days the benefits of minerals and vitamins in them can be felt. The pleasant smell of cosmetics will turn daily skin care even more complete with aromatherapy experience, so not only your skin, but also you can feel the beneficial effects on your well-being, regardless of what time of the day they are used. We believe in our accelerated world it is particularly important that we can enjoy and also protect all that nature has given, be it our environmental values or our own physical and spiritual well-being. Therefore, even in the manufacture of our products we emphasize the aspects of sustainability, social responsibility and improving the relationship between humans and nature.


We recommend ZanZa natural cosmetics to those who wish to enhance their daily beauty treatment or relaxation in an exotic but also natural way. The ZanZa experience can be compaired to no other. Close your eyes, and fly to your own spice island in your bathroom!